High School in Australia Price List

The table below gives Australian school enrolment prices by school type, state, and number of terms. All prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Currency Converter

The application becomes binding with the acceptance of a school place offered by the school. The amount stated in the price list below must then be paid some months before arrival (see also Steps 5 and 6, Confirming and Enrolling). This price is made up of school fees, host family fees and mandatory insurance. These amounts are set by the state, and are paid directly to the school authorities.

At the same time, Highschool Australia will issue an invoice for its services (This is a one-off lump-sum fee of 2900 AUD and is NOT included in the price list below).

Each Term usually corresponds to about three months, however, Term 4 is shorter due to end of year exams and the beginning of summer holidays. You can find the exact term dates on the page Australian School Calendar.

Prices State Schools

All prices may vary without notice
QUEENSLAND 20231 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
Regional (Year 9-12)AUD 7,890AUD 15,200AUD 22,650AUD 29,425
State (Year 7-10)AUD 8,630AUD 16,600AUD 24,765AUD 32,130
State (Year 11+12)AUD 9,565AUD 17,660AUD 26,350AUD 34,160
QUEENSLAND 20241 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
Regional (Year 9-12)AUD 8,155AUD 15,700AUD 23,400AUD 30,400
State (Year 7-10)AUD 8,920AUD 17,160AUD 25,590AUD 33,735
State (Year 11+12)AUD 10,070AUD 18,570AUD 27,710AUD 35,910
QUEENSLAND 20251 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
Regional (Year 9-12)AUD 8,430AUD 16,235AUD 24,200AUD 31,440
State (Year 7-10)AUD 9,070AUD 17,455AUD 26,030AUD 34,320
State (Year 11+12)AUD 10,220AUD 18,865AUD 28,150AUD 36,495
NEW SOUTH WALES 20231 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
Regional (Year 7-10)AUD 9,000AUD 17,120AUD 25,245AUD 33,365
Regional (Year 11+12)AUD 9,400AUD 17,930AUD 26,460AUD 34.985
Sydney (Year 9+10)AUD 9,370AUD 17,860AUD 26,355AUD 34.850
Sydney (Year 11+12)AUD 9,820AUD 18,760AUD 27,705AUD 36,645
NEW SOUTH WALES 20241 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
Regional (Year 7-10)AUD 9,945AUD 18,875AUD 27,810AUD 36,740
Regional (Year 11+12)AUD 10,485AUD 19,955AUD 29,430AUD 38,900
Sydney (Year 9+10)AUD 10,345AUD 19,675AUD 29,010AUD 38,340
Sydney (Year 11+12)AUD 10,945AUD 20,875AUD 30,810AUD 40,740
VICTORIA 20231 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
State (Year 10)AUD 9,000AUD 16,460AUD 24,660AUD 31,100
State (Year 11+12)AUD 9,500AUD 17,410AUD 26,110AUD 32,770
SOUTH AUSTRALIA 20231 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
Regional (Year 8-12)AUD 7,580AUD 14,860AUD 22,140AUD 29,420
State (Year 8-10)AUD 8,460AUD 15,740AUD 23,030AUD 30,300
State (Year 11+12)AUD 8,810AUD 16,440AUD 24,070AUD 31,700
SOUTH AUSTRALIA 20241 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
Regional (Year 8-12)AUD 8,180 AUD 16,060AUD 23,935AUD 31,810
State (Year 8-10)AUD 9,100AUD 16,975AUD 24,855AUD 32,730
State (Year 11+12)AUD 9,450AUD 17,675AUD 25,905AUD 34,130
TASMANIA 20231 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
State (Year 7+8)AUD 7,275AUD 14,350AUD 21,425AUD 28,500
State (Year 9+10)AUD 7,275AUD 14,350AUD 21,425AUD 28,500
State (Year 11+12)AUD 7,525AUD 14,850AUD 22,175AUD 29,500
CANBERRA (ACT) 20231 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
State (Year 10)AUD 7,640AUD 15,015AUD 22,930AUD 29,765
State (Year 11+12)AUD 8,065AUD 15,865AUD 23,665AUD 31,465
WESTERN AUSTRALIA 20231 Term2 Terms3 Terms4 Terms
State (Year 7-10)AUD 8,370AUD 16,445AUD 24,515AUD 32,585
State (Year 11+12)AUD 8,795AUD 17,290AUD 25,785AUD 34,280

Prices Private Schools 2023

The private schools in Australia do not publish their prices for the coming year until late summer or autumn. Therefore, in calculating future year fees, you should allow for an increase of about 2% higher than the previous year. The prices listed here refer to year 11 and 12. Years 10 and below are possibly cheaper. The price for a stay of 12 months or 4 terms is based on being in country for 46 weeks. Depending on whether the major summer holiday in December and January is included in the stay, the actual price may vary up or down. Otherwise the same conditions apply.

Prices for one term or three terms are provided on request, noting that for some private schools, the minimum stay is two terms.

A click on the name will take you to the school description.

All prices may vary without notice
Price List Private Schools2 Terms (6 Months)4 Terms (12 Months)
All Saints Anglican SchoolAUD 24,490AUD 48,545
Caloundra Christian College (Homestay)AUD 24,850AUD 47,950
Fraser Coast Anglican College (Homestay)AUD 20,910AUD 40,965
Hillcrest Christian College (Homestay)AUD 27,925AUD 54,150
Hills Grammar School (Homestay)AUD 31,405AUD 59,835
Immanuel College (Homestay)AUD 24,665AUD 48,360
Immanuel College (Boarding)AUD 26,685AUD 52,705
John Paul College (Homestay)AUD 25,965AUD 49,895
John Paul College (Boarding)AUD 27,415AUD 52,795
Mercedes College (Homestay)AUD 25,690AUD 50,260
Pembroke School (Boarding)AUD 35,215AUD 70,370
Saint Stephen’s College (Homestay)Minimum Stay: 4 TermsAUD 51,010
Scotch Oakburn College (Boarding)AUD 27,925AUD 55,350
The Scots PGC College (Boarding)AUD 28,665AUD 56,590
St Paul’s School (Homestay)AUD 25,635AUD 49,970
The Cathedral School (Boarding)AUD 26,935AUD 53,470
The Friends’ School (Boarding)AUD 31,700AUD 61,265
Townsville Grammar School (Homestay)AUD 26,000AUD 51,360
Townsville Grammar School (Boarding)AUD 27,480AUD 54,310
Wesley College (Boarding)Minimum Stay: 4 TermsAUD 87,000
Whitsunday Anglican School (Boarding)AUD 54,210

The prices shown include:

  • Tuition fees
  • Board and lodging with a host family or in a boarding school
  • Transfer from airport to host family or boarding school (available at most schools)
  • Health insurance (we recommend that you also buy additional insurance before you leave)
  • Advice on choosing a suitable study location
  • Individual advice on choosing a high school and subjects
  • Full preparation for life in Australia prior to your departure
  • Assistance with completing school and visa application forms
  • Local orientation session on arrival at your destination school
  • Local support by qualified team, including home-stay coordinator and study advisor
  • 24-hour emergency telephone hotline throughout your stay in Australia
  • Ongoing support and review of your chosen subjects by international student coordinators and Highschool Australia
  • Support for parents and students regarding holiday programs and general questions on school-related matters

The prices shown do not include:

  • Visa fees A$710 (July 2023)
  • Airfares
  • School uniforms
  • Travel opportunities during school holidays (optional)
  • Pocket money, typically around A$200 per month
  • Private travel insurance and/or health insurance
  • Costs for International Baccalaureate (if chosen), A$1079 per semester
  • Depending on the school, there may be equipment rental (e.g. laptop etc.)
  • Some private schools may apply additional material costs for certain subjects

The listed prices may vary slightly depending on the exact duration of the school term, and whether you are staying in Australia throughout the summer holidays. In many cases prices may be lower than those shown.

NOTE: In Queensland and South Australia, regional school prices apply to certain state schools. These schools are identified by a green marker on the school location map, or by a corresponding note (see the list of individual schools).