Prices: High School Study Abroad New Zealand

All listed prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). Link to Currency Converter

Not all state schools in New Zealand apply the same prices. Also, some state schools offer boarding accommodation, at a comparable cost to living with a host family.

As explained in our eight step process, HSA will help you to find a suitable school, and to complete and submit your placement application (Steps 1-4).

The school requires payment only when the placement offer is accepted (see Steps 5 and 6, Confirming and Enrolling). At the same time, Highschool Australia will issue an invoice for its services. (This is a one-off lump-sum fee of $2000 NZD and is NOT included in the price list below).

All prices quoted in New Zealand Dollars (NZD); All details may vary without notice
State Schools

3 Months
(1 Term)
6 Months
(2 Terms)
9 Months
(3 Terms)
12 Months
(4 Terms)
Auckland Grammar School
NZD 10,845NZD 20,305NZD 29,770NZD 37,430
Burnside High SchoolMinimum stay 2 termsNZD 14,375NZD 21,100NZD 26,200
Cromwell CollegeNZD 7,950NZD 14,400NZD 21,250NZD 26,500
Dunstan High SchoolNZD 9,580NZD 16,060NZD 22,540NZD 27,460
Francis Douglas Memorial Collegeon requeston requeston requestNZD 33,680
Freyberg High SchoolNZD 9,120NZD 17,315NZD 25,510NZD 32,115
Glenfield CollegeNZD 8,670NZD 16,310NZD 23,700NZD 29,410
Heretaunga CollegeNZD 7,510NZD 15,020NZD 22,530NZD 28,420
Howick CollegeNZD 8,520NZD 16,040NZD 23,560NZD 29,340
Inglewood High SchoolNZD 6,900NZD 13,500NZD 20,100NZD 25,200
Kamo High SchoolNZD 9,450NZD 15,800NZD 22,150NZD 27,000
Katikati CollegeNZD 9,120NZD 15,140NZD 21,160NZD 25,740
Licoln High SchoolNZD 7,100NZD 13,800NZD 20,500NZD 25,700
Logan Park High SchoolNZD 10,220NZD 17,040NZD 23,860NZD 29,090
Long Bay CollegeNZD 8,970NZD 17,540NZD 26,110NZD 32,880
Middleton Grange SchoolNZD 8,100NZD 16,500NZD 24,400NZD 30,700
Mountainview High SchoolNZD 6,930NZD 13,365NZD 19,795NZD 24,790
Mount Maunganui CollegeNZD 8,265NZD 15,530NZD 22,800NZD 28,380
New Plymouth Girls’ High SchoolNZD 8,590NZD 16,425NZD 24,265NZD 30,300
Nga Tawa Diocesan SchoolNZD 13,140NZD 21,940NZD 32,915NZD 40,975
Rangitoto CollegeNZD 8,750NZD 17,150NZD 25,550NZD 32,150
Spotswood CollegeNZD 7,260NZD 14,245NZD 21,230NZD 26,745
Takapuna Grammar SchoolNZD 8,863NZD 17,325NZD 25,788NZD 32,450
Waiheke High SchoolNZD 7,525NZD 15,050NZD 22,575NZD 28,450
Waimea CollegeNZD 9,775NZD 16,450NZD 23,125NZD 28,150
Waitakere CollegeNZD 8,000NZD 15,655NZD 23,300NZD 29,070
Wakatipu High SchoolNZD 13,245NZD 21,640NZD 30,030NZD 36,390
Wellington High SchoolNZD 8,700NZD 15,680NZD 22,560NZD 28,030
Western Springs CollegeNZD 9,500NZD 17,150NZD 25,550NZD 31,150
Westlake Boys High SchoolNZD 11,300NZD 19,600NZD 27,900NZD 34,400
Westlake Girls High SchoolNZD 11,000NZD 19,000NZD 27,000NZD 33,250
Whakatane High SchoolNZD 9,830NZD 16,310NZD 22,790NZD 27,960
All prices quoted in New Zealand Dollars (NZD); All details may vary without notice
Private Schools

3 Months
(1 Term)
6 Months
(2 Terms)
9 Months
(3 Terms)
12 Months
(4 Terms)
Chilton Saint James Schoolon requeston requeston requestNZD 52,150
Christ’s Collegeon requeston requeston requestNZD 59,650
Springbank SchoolNZD 9,820NZD 17,140NZD 24,560NZD 30,490
St Andrew’s Collegeon requeston requeston requestNZD 51,620
St. Peter’s Cambridgeon requeston requeston requestNZD 60,500
Wentworth CollegeNZD 13,270NZD 24,415NZD 35,560NZD 44,965

The prices listed include the following:

  • Tuition fee
  • Board and lodging with a host family or in a boarding school
  • Advice on choosing a suitable study location
  • Individual advice on choosing a high school
  • Full preparation for life in New Zealand prior to your departure
  • Assistance with completing school and visa application forms
  • Local orientation session at your destination school
  • Local support by qualified team, incl. home-stay coordinator and study advisor
  • 24-hour emergency telephone hotline throughout your stay in New Zealand
  • Ongoing support and review of your chosen subjects by international student coordinators and Highschool Australia

The price does NOT include the following:

  • Visa fee
  • Airfares
  • Transfer from airport to host family or boarding school (usually included in the school price at locations with airport)
  • Orientation program in Auckland (optional)
  • New Zealand health insurance ((Mandatory, about 140 – 180 NZD per Term))
  • School uniforms
  • Costs of public transport, if necessary (most host families are in the immediate vicinity of high schools)
  • Travel opportunities during school holidays (optional)
  • Pocket money, typically around $200 NZD per month
  • Private travel insurance and/or health insurance
  • Costs for certain outdoor education courses (e.g. camps lasting several days)
  • Costs for International Baccalaureate (if chosen)
  • Depending on the school, there may be equipment rental (e.g. laptop etc.)
  • Some high schools may apply additional material costs for certain subjects