Prices: High School Study Abroad New Zealand 2017

All listed prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). Link to Currency Converter

Not all state schools in New Zealand apply the same prices. Also, some state schools offer boarding accommodation, at a comparable cost to living with a host family. Upon request, we will gladly provide the exact prices for specific schools.

As explained in our eight step process, HSA will help you to find a suitable school, and to complete and submit your placement application (Steps 1-4).

The school requires payment only when the placement offer is accepted (see Steps 5 and 6, Confirming and Enrolling). At the same time, Highschool Australia will issue an invoice for its services. (This is a one-off lump-sum fee of $1300 NZD and is NOT included in the price list below).

All prices quoted in New Zealand Dollars (NZD); All details may vary without notice
State Schools
Prices (from – to)

3 Months
(1 Term)
6 Months
(2 Terms)
9 Months
(3 Terms)
12 Months
(4 Terms)
School Fee3,125 – 3,8006,300 – 7,6009,375 – 11,40012,500 – 15,200
Host Family / Boarding School2,400 – 2,8804,800 – 5,7607,200 – 8,6409,600 – 11,520
Admin. Fee0 – 1,0000 – 1,0000 – 1,0000 – 1,000
Health Insurance125250375500
TOTAL6,150 – 8,30511,850 – 15,11017,450 – 21,91523,100 – 28,720
Private Schools
(Prices from)
9,800 14,50021,20027,900

The prices listed include the following:

  • Tuition fee
  • Board and lodging with a host family or in a boarding school
  • Transfer from airport to host family or boarding school (available at most schools)
  • Health insurance (we recommend that you also buy additional insurance before you leave)
  • Advice on choosing a suitable study location
  • Individual advice on choosing a high school
  • Full preparation for life in New Zealand prior to your departure
  • Assistance with completing school and visa application forms
  • Local orientation session at your destination school
  • Local support by qualified team, incl. home-stay coordinator and study advisor
  • 24-hour emergency telephone hotline throughout your stay in New Zealand
  • Ongoing support and review of your chosen subjects by international student coordinators and Highschool Australia

The price does NOT include the following:

  • Visa fee
  • Airfares
  • School uniforms
  • Travel opportunities during school holidays (optional)
  • Pocket money, typically around $200 NZD per month
  • Private travel insurance and/or health insurance
  • Costs for International Baccalaureate (if chosen)
  • Depending on the school, there may be equipment rental (e.g. laptop etc.)
  • Some private schools may apply additional material costs for certain subjects