Regional Schools Australia

One of the great aspects of a study abroad year is the ability to master another language surrounded by another culture, its people and its environment. But this only happens when you truely immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of that country.

In choosing a school or place to study in, most people look to the major metropolitan cities and the popular schools near by. Unfortunately, by doing this, most people end up choosing the same schools as every one else and they become just one of the many other international students attending the school.

So if you are looking for the genuine Australian cultural experience without being surrounded by International students, you should consider enrolling at one of the schools from our ‘Regional Program’. We have high quality regional schools all across eastern and southern Australia that are often overlooked by most International students. These schools tend to be in towns outside of Australia’s major metropolitan cities and so better reflect the true Australia that many International students are seeking.

The great thing about enrolling at one of our regional school is that you will be one of just a small group of Internationals, and in some cases, the only one. This makes it so much easier to make friends with the Australian locals. From our experience, the more popular a school, the more International students tend to hang out with each other, and the less likely the local students will befriend them. In a regional school you’ll be making friends from the first day!

Finding a suitable host-family is also much easier at a regional school and if one family doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other families to choose from. Because they don’t get many International students, regional host-families will welcome you into their family as one of their own, making sure that you have a true Aussie-immersion experience.

In order to attract more International students, our regional schools offer a discount on their regular tuition fees ranging from 10% in NSW to 27% in Queensland. This means that not only will you be getting a genuine Aussie experience, you will be saving money (enough to pay for your return flights to Australia)!

And for a limited time, Highschool Australia is offering special scholarships of $820 for students joining our ‘Regional Program’ during 2023/2024. So why not talk to us about making your Study Abroad experience in Australia a truely memorable one.

We currently offer 14 high schools in our Regional Program across 3 states. Scroll down to view these schools and click on the link below each school crest for more detailed information.

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Queensland:  8 Regional Schools

New South Wales:  4 Regional Schools

South Australia:  2 Regional Schools