Atheletes and competitive sports during your Study Abroad in Australia

So you want to continue your chosen sport during your Study Abroad in Australia – how does it work?

Sports play a large role in Australian life. The climate is conducive to spending time outdoors almost all year round, and most cities are located by the sea, making all forms of water sports attractive. It’s also a question of tradition, mentality and life culture. Australia is a great destination for exchange students who are keen on sports, as there are a wide range of sports on offer, not only at high schools, but also from sports associations, clubs and sports federations located near by. We have found that the best way to make friends quickly in Australia is to join a local sports team.

For every sport, a range of standards are available:

Regular high schools offer a number of different sports as part of the school curriculum. These sports are usually played once or twice a week during school hours, with some team sports practiced after school. The number of sports offered usually depends on the availability of teachers, the number of interested students, and the availability of sports fields, with larger high schools offering a wider range at a higher level than smaller schools. All schools in Australia have their own sports fields and gymnasiums.

We also have high schools that offer excellence programs in certain sports that are one level higher in terms of performance level. Depending on the school, the performance level ranges from above average to really good. These schools are suitable for students who have been playing their sport intensively for at least three years, have good technical skills and are willing to compete. Some schools require a fairly high standard of athleticism for entry into these programs and entry may be subject to selection trials.

The different sports offered by our high schools along with their popular sports and excellence programs can be found in the school descriptions of all schools under the tab “Sports”.

For the really good athletes and even more so for competitive athletes (in the highest levels or performance classes for their age) who need advanced training opportunities during their year abroad, it makes sense to look beyond what a school can provide. In these cases we talk to the respective sports federations and associations and identify the best training possibilities on a state or national level for our students. Once we have found the best training facility for a student athlete, we identify appropriate schools near by for our students to choose from. We also arrange contact between the the student’s trainer in the home country and their prospective trainer in Australia so that training regimes can be maintained and advanced.

In this way we have helped a number of top athletes to continue their training and achieve new levels of success in their chosen sport during their study abroad in Australia. This includes Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Surfing, Water Polo, Pole Vaulting and even Épée

So, no matter what your sport and at what level you train at, we can help find the right high school and training facility for you. Just ask us and you may be surprised by the quality of sport on offer in Australia.