Basic Information about
High Schools in Australia

English Language Skills

High School Preparation Program: Some students feel that their English language skills need extra help. Accordingly there is a high school preparation program with an intensive language course. This program is offered in both state and private schools. The course duration is a minimum of one term (approx. 10 weeks), and 25 hours of English is taught per week. There are about 18 students per class.

This program covers all levels of English language skills. It offers students the opportunity to become familiar with subject specific terminology. The lessons comprise English communication, various stylistic forms, text analysis, and writing and presenting reports. The course also includes excursions and sports activities.

ESL (English as a Second Language): There are students who need some assistance with English, but do not wish to participate in the High School Preparation Program. In this case it is possible to join the classroom directly and receive help with English by taking separate ESL classes. Both state and private schools offer ESL classes, but they are managed differently from one school to another.

Choice of Subjects

The range of subjects at Australian high schools is immense and varied. Apart from all the basic subjects, you can choose from others such as Tourism, Business, Photography, Design, Information Technology, Film and TV, Aeronautics and many more. There is one school that even offers marine biology – and owns two large boats for practical work!

For sports lovers, the options at most schools are impressive: tennis, surfing, golf, triathlon and rowing, but also dance and ballet are just a couple of examples. Some Australian high schools have their own swimming pools, tennis courts and huge sports fields.

The complete list of subjects on offer is listed in detail on the pages of the individual schools.

Teacher advises a student

Professional Advice and Support for International Students

International students are well catered for by professional school staff that understand their specific needs and issues. To ensure students are integrated quickly and successfully, each high school listed in our program offers the following services:

  • School orientation: students are familiarised with the school premises and introduced to their class. Furthermore, they will receive help with procuring the necessary classroom materials and the school uniform.
  • An overseas student coordinator who provides information and advice on school-related questions as well as general counselling in everyday matters (banking, visas) and personal or even faith-related issues.
  • A home-stay coordinator who finds suitable families for the international students to make sure they feel at home with the host families.
  • A study adviser who provides information and advice regarding the choice of subjects, educational pathways and career options.
  • English lessons after school as additional support.
  • Exam preparation.
  • Emergency assistance, available 24/7.
  • Transfer to and from airport.