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Study abroad at High Schools in Australia

An exchange year with sun, sand and surf?


If you want to improve your confidence with English and enhance your education within a unique and exciting environment, then an exchange or a school year in Australia is what you are after.

A high school study abroad placement in Australia is not just about language and coursework. It also broadens your personal horizons and helps you understand other cultures. It is an experience that fosters tolerance and friendships, and promotes individual growth.

How to find the right high schools in Australia?

Highschool Australia (HSA) is an Australian government accredited agency, and we are here to help. We arrange study abroad and high school preparation programs as well as summer school and higher education placements for international students throughout Australia and New Zealand. And we provide all the guidance and assistance you will require to enter the Australian school system. Unlike other agencies, we are based right here in Brisbane, Queensland. We talk regularly with our schools and their directors: we know them, and they know us. If you would like to meet our HSA staff, click  About Us .

Do you prefer to live in the city or in the country? On the coast or inland? The Australian education system has study options to suit everyone, ranging from short-term placements during your holidays, to long-term placements of three, six, 12+ months in locations across both Australia and New Zealand. You can choose with confidence, knowing that we deal only with well-established and specially qualified high schools. All our international high schools in Australia are subject to strict requirements for accommodating international students and have in-house teams in place to assist you.

Ready for the adventure to study abroad at one of the high schools in Australia?

Highschool Australia is here to:

  • Prepare you with all the information and knowledge you will need to live and study abroad in one of the many international high schools in Australia.
  • Advise you on selecting the right high school in the Australian school system and the right subjects according to your individual needs, interests and strengths.
  • Respond promptly to all questions and concerns. Our Australian location and strong relationships with school contacts makes for a smoother study abroad experience in Australia.
  • Support and assist you with additional requirements such as high school application forms and visa applications for Australia.
  • Assist you even after your placement in an Australian high school is over, so you can finalise any details like pending reimbursements or school certificates you need for the continuation of your high school or the start your higher education.
  • Be the on-the-ground contact for your entire Australian high school experience – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Undertaking study in the world-class Australian school system will give you a clear advantage for higher education studies.

Additional Programs

Highschool Australia also offers a range of other experiences Australia-wide including Work and Travel in Australia, Au Pair in Australia and internships placements.

The direct path to the most popular school locations and their High Schools:

All schools and school locations, including a large interactive map of Australia, can be found on the “Schools” page.

An interesting alternative:

Our Regional Schools in Australia

Some high schools in smaller towns or farther from centers are classified as regional schools. If you want to get to know Australia in a more original way, you should definitely check out these regional high schools. Depending on the state, tuition fees are up to 15% cheaper here.

Full details can be found on our Regional Schools in Australia page.

Competitive Sports during Study Abroad

Do you have a favourite sport? You’re a competitive athlete?

Are you interested in a student exchange or a year abroad, but wondering how to combine the two?

Let our experience help you find the best combination. We are locally based in Queensland and not only do we know all the high schools with a focus on sports, but we can put you in touch with sports clubs and associations in most sporting disciplines.

We have experience in finding the best training facilities for your needs at a regional and national level, including coaches if desired. We then find you a suitable, quality high school near by.

Read more on the page “Athletes and competitive sports in Australia”.

Study Abroad Australia:

… and competitive swimming: It’s possible!

After nine months on Australia’s Gold Coast, Xenia is back in Switzerland and has sent us her second video (Subtitles in Englisch available). It is again about sport in Australia and in particular about the opportunities for exchange students who want to continue their competitive sport during their year abroad.

Xenia herself is a competitive swimmer in the Swiss national squad and has also trained continuously in Australia. Highschool Australia has extensive experience in arranging suitable training opportunities for every committed athlete during their year abroad. This includes ensuring that the training facilities are not too far away from the school and the host family.

Thiago from Brasil writes about experiences on the Sunshine Coast in 2022

I won’t say that before coming here I wasn’t afraid at all. On the contrary I was terrified, because it was a different language and because I was going to live with people I had never seen before. But my parents convinced me to go to Australia to surf and improve my English and here I am.

A month has passed here, and I can already say that I have lived a lot. I’ll start by telling you a little bit about my arrival, which was very smooth and perfect, as …

to Thiago’s report