Toormina High School

Regional School

Toormina High School is a medium sized School with 810 students, located in the residential area of Toormina, just over a kilometre from the beach. Toormina is a suburb of Coffs Harbour, a large town that is close to numerous national parks, including a marine national park. There is a wide range of excellent sports facilities including swimming pools, gyms and an international sports stadium within a short distance of the school.

Toormina High School is multicultural and teaches the local Aboriginal language as a formal subject. Other foreign languages, on the other hand, can only be learned by distance learning (“Open High School”). Like many schools on the coast, Toormina High School offers the subject “Marine Studies”, which involves practical exercises such as snorkelling and diving.

Art and music are also key subjects, where students study theatre, musicals and drama. The school regularly puts on its own musical productions. There is also a school band. In terms of sports, surfing is a big focus with both a learn-to-surf programme and a surf survival programme.

Toormina High School takes few international students. In this respect, its Australian students are very open-minded and interested in students from abroad. So it is not difficult to make contacts and friends.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 810
  • Year established: 1981



  • State: New South Wales
  • Nearest town: Coffs Harbour
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  • Robotics/Engineering/Science Club

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