Kirwan State High School

Regional School

Kirwan State High School is located in the quiet suburb of the same name in Townsville, only 800 meters from the Ross River and its parks and palm trees.

As a large school, Kirwan State High is able to offer an amazing range of subjects. In high school, students can choose from over 60 academic and vocational subjects. Kirwan State High School is recognized as a leader in science, information technology and international education. In the area of vocational training, it has a partnership with the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy, which provides access to state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on teaching in the study of mines and energy.

The academic programme offers a range of advanced subjects, including SRT (Science, Research and Technology), which provides the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding in the four disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences.

Kirwan State High School has excellence programs in creative arts and sports. The Creative Arts Academy offers diverse and outstanding opportunities in dance, drama, music and visual arts, including an Aboriginal Arts programme. The latter is part of Kirwan High’s commitment to multiculturalism, which has twice won the Queensland Multicultural Award. The annual school musical is a highlight in Townsville’s cultural calendar and is a very professional event.

Thanks to its Sports Academy, Kirwan State High School is recognized nationwide for its achievements in sports. In 2018, more than 600 students were enrolled in the various sports programmes, many of whom were successful in the Queensland Championships in their respective disciplines.

Highlights of extra-curricular activities include a wide range of music programmes, theatre, dance, song and stage productions, and photography and film & TV workshops. Camps for the International students are offered in Airlie Beach and on the Whitsunday Islands.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 1,950
  • Year established: 1979



  • State: Queensland
  • Nearest town: Townsville
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  • Creative Arts Academy
  • Sports Academy

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