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Hervey Bay – Bundaberg

The Fraser Coast is a coastal region in Queensland, about 220 km north of Brisbane. It takes its name from Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world with spectacular sand dunes up to 250 metres high, long white sand beaches and beautiful swimming lakes in the island’s interior with crystal clear fresh water, rainforests and streams. Fraser Island is on the World Heritage Parks list. It is a camping and fishing paradise. Among other things, about 230 different species of birds can be found here. Day trips and camping trips are offered, and together with friends you will have a lot of fun there.

Hervey Bay, the largest town in the region, is located directly on the coast and has a quiet small town character with about 57,000 inhabitants. Hervey Bay is a popular holiday resort and you can meet backpackers from all over the world here. Apart from tourism, the inhabitants live mainly from the sugar trade with large sugar cane plantations. Hervey Bay is also famous for whale watching. Every year, the whales migrate from the waters of Antarctica to the warmer waters of Australia to give birth to their offspring. From July to October, they raise their young in the shallow bay off Hervey Bay. You can watch them from boats.

Bundaberg is about 70 km northwest of Hervey Bay, at the same latitude as the northern tip of Fraser Island. The town is the southern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, which begins here off and stretches several thousand kilometres to the northwest. Trips from here to the coral islands of Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave for snorkelling and diving are a must.

Bundaberg is rich in historic buildings and museums, often marked by the centuries-old sugar trade, including Australia’s most famous rum distillery. It’s a stone’s throw to Mon Repos Regional Park, where you can watch sea turtles lay their eggs and hatch in the Australian summer.

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