Warwick is a small country town and is located inland at the Condamine River, 160 km south-west of Brisbane, surrounded by fertile farmland, Australian farms and the rolling hills of a mountain range.

Warwick is also known as “Rose and Rodeo City”. The most famous Rodeo and Campdrafting championships Australia will be held in Warwick annually. At a rodeo a rider sits on a young or full-grown bull and the seconds are counted until the bull has thrown him off. Clowns are ready to irritade the bull until the rider is safe.

Campdrafting is a typical Australian equestrian sport in which the rider has to get a cow from the herd and this cow must steer in the arena in a predetermined manner. Both sports are fascinating to look at.

Behind Warwick is a mountain range with a tropical rain forest, a canyon and waterfalls – perfect for hiking. You can see there many colorful parrots, kangaroos, koalas, possums, bandicoots and other interesting Australian animals. A day trip to the Pacific Ocean, to the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or to the Australian Zoo is ideal from Warwick. A little off to the more touristy resorts on the east coast a very typical Australian experience is guaranteed. This supports English learning very much.

This is the placefor those who want to try a boarding and thereby find friends that can take you on holiday to a really great Australian farm. An unforgettable Australian experience in a private school, which is like a big family.

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