Yeronga State High School

Yeronga State High School is very centrally located in Brisbane, only ten minutes by public transport from the central business district. Although the school is rather small with 760 students, a wide range of subjects is available, with a focus on science, math and information technology and the arts.

Yeronga State High School has a strong multicultural character. Australian students make up by far the largest group, but there are many other ethnic groups, including international exchange students. Against this background, the school also has a large and well-established English as a Foreign Language Department (EFLD). International students receive free additional English lessons here if required. A special language centre and e-learning centre is available for this purpose.

Yeronga State High School offers a range of Academies (Excellence Programs) in STEM, the Arts, Physical Education, Spanish and Commerce. Each program has been tailored to enhance student achievement and meet their individual interests. These include the Arts Academy, the Athletes Academy and the Trade Academy.

The Athletes Academy, for example, has been developed with industry representatives to provide a platform for ambitious young athletes to pursue their passion and improve their fitness alongside their school activities.

Every two years Yeronga State High School, together with the local community of Yeronga, organizes a multicultural festival celebrating understanding, diversity and mutual tolerance.

There is a special “Aspirations Program” for the 11th year students, which offers a deeper insight into different business areas. Since 2016 there is also a new centre for vocational training, which offers courses in furniture making and technology, among other things.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 780
  • Year established: 1960




  • Arts Academy
  • STEM Academy
  • Athletes Academy

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