Varsity College

Varsity College is located in the Gold Coast suburb of Varsity Lakes and is one of the largest high schools in Queensland with over 3,000 students. The school is separated into Junior and Senior campuses, each with its own principal, who is also responsible for the academic performance of his or her school area. The Senior Campus has recently moved into newly constructed buildings, with the bold steel construction reflecting a modern and dynamic teaching facility while blending in very well with the surrounding residential area. Some facilities such as the library and sports hall are also shared with the community.

Varsity College individualises the learning experience for each student, encouraging them to take control of all activities themselves. Planning goals and achievements are therefore a joint action of teachers and students. These personalised plans, based on the choice of courses and the goals set, are designed to facilitate successful completion of the school.

In addition, students can participate in many extracurricular activities and arrange them according to their own schedule. This encourages their creativity and independence. Accordingly, academic results are consistently at a high level. Varsity College is justifiably proud not only to be better than comparable state schools, but is often compared with the best private schools.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 1,885 (Years 7-12)
  • Year established: 2001



  • State: Queensland
  • Nearest town: Gold Coast
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  • Academy of Mathematics and Science
  • Music Excellence Program
  • ASPIRE Rowing Program

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