Narrabeen Sports High School

Narrabeen Sports High School is located just over 20 km north of Sydney city centre in the Northern Beaches area, close to Narrabeen Lagoon and close to popular local beaches, pretty suburbs and their shopping centres. The area is very well integrated into Sydney’s public transport network.

Narrabeen Sports High is basically a normal high school open to all students and is the fastest growing school in New South Wales with more than one thousand students. As the name suggests, however, sport has a high priority in the classroom. In this respect, the curriculum tries to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of sport and the training required for it. The Sport Excellence Program “The Academy” is not only open to students but also to all very good athletes from the northern part of Sydney. There is also a special training program for elite athletes.

Apart from sports, great emphasis is also placed on the Performing Arts. There are music programmes for classical music, jazz, rock and singing as well as theatre and dance. The hospitality courses are also very popular. Hospitality students run the school’s own café, which also serves as a canteen for teachers and students.

Narabeen Sports High has extensive grounds with excellent facilities. Among other things, there is a sports hall with a gym and dance studio, four synthetic tennis courts, an assembly hall and library, and school kitchens of commercial standard. You get a very good impression of the school by the 360° Photos which the school has put on Google Maps.

Narrabeen Sports High School has embraced technology in the classroom with the use of digital whiteboards, laptops and campus wide WiFi. The goal is to be a vibrant and adaptable school that provides the skills and confidence to live successfully in the 21st century.

Narrabeen Sports High School


  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 1,000
  • Year established: 1954



  • State: New South Wales
  • Nearest town: Sydney (21 km)
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  • Sports Academy

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