McClelland College

McClelland College is located in the midst of extensive, well maintained grounds, only a few minutes away from quiet beaches, beautiful parks and shopping centres, with good transport links to the centre of Melbourne.

As part of the McClelland Academy Program, the school encourages all students to recognize and develop their individual talents and expectations. Each student receives an individualized learning program in conjunction with the Academy program to develop their skills. These “academies”, which take place throughout the college on Wednesday afternoons, include Food, Fashion, Creative Landscape, Media Design, Photography, Music Theatre and Japanese Culture. Sports academies include basketball, athletics, football and team sports.

McClelland is also well networked through cooperation and active partnerships with external organisations. These include the universities of Monash and Melbourne, but also various industrial companies.

McClelland College offers a wide range of camps. Camp Mahaikah, the school’s own outdoor education facility, is located near Tolmie, 160 km northeast of Melbourne, and serves as a great base camp for the school’s snow camp program. There is also a surf camp at the end of the year. For the Internationals, one camp per year is included in the school fees.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 1,000
  • Internationals: ca. 0,5%
  • Year established: 2009




  • McClelland Academy Program
  • school-owned Outdoor Education Camp

All information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

These pictures were taken during the school visit of the director of Highschool Australia Anne Stewart (see About us ) in November 2018.