Craigslea State High School

Craigslea State High School is located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. It is known for its high quality teaching methods that develop personal curiosity for learning among its students. This is achieved through dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable teachers who maintain excellent academic standards. The results are correspondingly good. Craigslea State High School offers excellence programs in science, music and sports.

The Craigslea Volleyball Academy (CVA) has achieved national recognition and is considered one of Australia’s leading volleyball training facilities. The school championships are the focus of the volleyball programme, where players compete with the best schools in Australia. Over the years, Craigslea has achieved an excellent record in this competition. Among others, three current Olympic participants have learned their craft at Craigslea. Meanwhile there is also a program for beach volleyball. The school’s aerobic team has achieved considerable success at regional and national championships.

Craigslea State High School believes in the approach of teaching outside the classroom. In science, this is achieved through a series of camps and excursions focusing on practical experience. There is an 11th year ”Field Study Trip” to Double Island Point in Cooloola National Park to study coastal ecosystems. The 12th year excursion to Lady Elliot Island collects data on the condition of the reefs for the University of Queensland. Also in 12th year, a Scuba Camp to Vanuatu is offered with the opportunity to explore the marine environment more extensively than by snorkeling. The Field Study Trips are so popular with students that many of them try to join all three.

Craigslea State High School’s international student program has been in existence since 1996 and the school is also accredited by the Council of International Schools. This means that it has been evaluated and meets strict international standards in all aspects of school operation and quality teaching.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 975
  • Year established: 1975




  • Craigslea Volleyball Academy
  • Signature Music Program
  • Excellence in Science Program

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