Chancellor State College

Chancellor State College is centrally located on the Sunshine Coast, 7 km from the beach and an hour’s drive from Brisbane. The campus is adjacent to Mooloolah River National Park, which attracts curious kangaroos to the school grounds. The College teaches in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), which helps to promote the educational opportunities of the regional district as a whole.

Chancellor State College has been extremely successful in academic education, sports and the arts for many years. The focus is on mathematics and technology (STEM). Accordingly, there are excellence programs for mathematics & natural sciences, engineering, business & IT, technology and art. Some of the courses even take place in the rooms of the USC.

These successes also include the RoboKings and RoboGems (Gems: Girls in Engineering, Maths & Science), which were founded as part of the school’s STEM programme. Students from these groups design and build robots that autonomously drive around labyrinths, build objects, follow paths, and compete in robot sumo and dance battles. In various Robotics competitions, the school was extremely successful and achieved 1st places at regional and national level (on YouTube there are a number of videos).

The courses in Marine Science & Aquatic Practices are also very popular with the international guest students. Chancelor State College has its own boats and much of the teaching takes place on and in the water.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 3.000
  • Internationals:
  • Year established: 1997



  • State: Queensland
  • Nearest town: Sunshine Coast
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  • Programs in Design and Coding
  • Programs in Engineering and Robotics

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