Canberra High School

Canberra High School is one of Canberra’s leading schools for years 7 – 10. It is located in Macquarie, a suburb in northwest Canberra, about one kilometre south of Lake Ginninderra and close to the University of Canberra. The school has a distinctly multicultural character and comprises of about 40 different nationalities amongst its 800 students.

As part of its INSPIRE programme, Canberra High School offers special courses at a challenging level for gifted and exceptionally able students. There is an Athlete Development Program (ADP) for the best among the athletics.

Canberra High School has a wide range of courses in the visual and performing arts. This includes music, orchestra and bands, theatre and dance, and visual design. In collaboration with the school orchestra, there is an instrumental music programme aimed at developing music appreciation. There are also special opportunities in the field of film and TV, where the positions of producer, director, camera, sound and editing are filled for the students’ own productions. Digital and analogue photography techniques are taught in the Camera Club.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 870
  • Year established: 1938



  • State: Australian Capital Territory
  • Nearest town: Canberra
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  • Athlete Development Program
  • Canberra High Afternoon Music Program

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