Bribie Island State High School

Bribie Island State High School is located at Bongaree on Bribie Island, about one hour’s drive north of Brisbane. Bribie Island is also a national park and a marine reserve. Bongaree, at the southern tip of the island, has very good infrastructure and is connected to the mainland by bridge. The bus system of Bribie Island is connected to the mainland town of Caboolture, from where there are regular train connections to Brisbane. The side of the island facing the mainland offers sandy beaches and calm waters, while the east side is one, long ocean beach, which is particularly popular with surfers.

The different coastal waters and the marine reserve are an ideal backdrop for one of Bribie Island’s most popular subjects: Marine Studies and Aquatic Practices. In these subjects, students are involved in such diverse activities as boating, including capsizing and recovery, rescuing injured swimmers and surfers, navigation and, of course, all forms of marine biology.

Another specialty at Bribie Island State High School is Film, Television and Media (FTM) Studies. This is not only about the design of media productions in different creative and journalistic contexts, but also about how “meaning” is constructed or how viewers can be manipulated by media. Short films of the FTM Department regularly win prizes at competitions.

Bribie Island State High School only attracts a few students from overseas each year so all internationals are highly appreciated and treated individually.

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  • state
  • co-ed
  • Number of Students: 1,200
  • Year established: 1989



  • State: Queensland
  • Nearest town: Sunshine Coast
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