Alfred Deakin High School

The Alfred Deakin High School (ADHS) is located in Deakin, a central suburb of Canberra and the heart of the diplomatic district. It is a multicultural school for years 7-10. 10% of the students have a different language background than English. There are special classes available at the Alfred Deakin High School with small number of students for intensive lessons in English to compensate for such language deficits.

The ADHD provides a wealth of opportunities to get engaged in a variety of subjects, in artistic work, athletic and social fields. The School’s teachers are happy to help tailor the varied and flexible curriculum to the wishes and needs of each individual student.

As languages French, Japanese, Italian and Indonesian are offered.

Two and a half hours of sports and outdoor education per week are compulsory for all students.

Very popular are the annual sports festivals for athletics, swimming and cross country running. You can also choose to play tennis, water polo, rugby, cricket, baseball, diving, basketball, golf, orienteering, triathlon, badminton, hockey, volleyball, table tennis, mountain biking and cycling.

The visual arts are strongly represented at ADHD with film production, textile and fashion, art or pottery, the performing arts such as music (orchestra and strings), theater and dance all on offer.

In the areas of technology & IT, animation, programming, woodworking and metallurgy, electronics, catering, food science, CAD and jewellery design are available.

At Alfred Deakin High School, there are currently 800 students with 41 different nationalities. More internationals are therefore highly welcome.

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Year established: 1989
Number of students: 800
Denison Street, Deakin ACT 2600


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